Adult small group bible study classes are a place to experience personal growth as you learn more about the Bible and how it applies to your daily life.  You will receive practical tools for Christian living through the teaching of Biblical principles, you can develop relationships.

We encourage you to visit several classes and then decide which is best for you.


8:30a The Early Disciples– Led by Roger Stevens in the Chapel. A traditional Bible study for ages 61-89. 

9:30a Genesis– Led by Martin Gates in VanZandt Rm # 4. Bible Study for young adults, married and single. A great place if you’re a new Christian. 

9:30a The Journey– Led by Gary and Becky Wheatley in VanZandt Rm #11. Adults 50+ will enjoy a Journey through the Bible using the Master Work Series. Lively, interactive discussion. 

9:30a Impact– Led by Ron Schultz in the Fellowship Hall. Adults of all ages meet together to encourage one another and learn Bible-based truths along the way. 

10:45a Chapel Class– Led by Andy McGrady in the Chapel. Senior Bible study and fellowship. 

10:45a Joshua– Led by Bill Eldredge in Chapel Rm #4. This senior adult study meets with the goal of applying Bible truths to everyday living. 

10:45a Serving Years– Men’s Class is led by Ronnie Atkinson in VanZandt Rm # 1. Senior Men’s Bible study that looks to the Bible to guide how we live. We use Bible Studies For Life. 

10:45a Serving Years– Women’s Class is led by Carolyn Eldredge in VanZandt Rm # 2. Senior Women’s Bible study and fellowship that strives to do for others in the name of Jesus. 

10:45a Joy– Led by Margaret Hadley in Chapel Rm # 3. A traditional Bible study for Senior Adult Women. 

10:45a Barnabas Class– Led by Terrel Guice in VanZandt Rm # 9. We seek to encourage others through bible study, prayer and fellowship, just as Barnabas did. 

10:45a Naomi– Led by Sharon Stevens in Chapel Rm #5. A dynamic Bible Study and fellowship for senior women.

Join us in the Bedwell Chapel at 5:00 pm on Sunday evenings for a traditional evening worship service. We sing hymns and have a brief sermon.

Men’s Group

Men of all ages meet Tuesday’s at 6:30 pm for this at home Small Group. Call Jeff at 817-437-9967.

Women’s Small Group

This small group will not have any set curriculum, so feel free to come & go as your schedule permits.  This will be a time for women of God to meet together & share how God is working in our individual lives.  We will share one another’s burdens & pray for God’s intervention in our lives, families, church, nation & world.  Please come & join us as we seek to know one another better & know our great God more intimately.  God has chosen to move through the prayers of His people. Call Darla for location details at 432-553-5653.

The Parables of Jesus 

Woven from the stuff of everyday life, the parables of Jesus made the kingdom of God understandable and accessible to his listeners. Explore new insights into his parables and their meanings that will help you to appreciate more fully their relevance for your own life. This women’s study is led by Chris Stevens, book cost is $5. Join us Wednesdays at 9:30 am beginning March 20, 2019.

What the Bible Says About the Holy Spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit, and what exactly does he do today in the lives of Christians and non-Christians? The Bible is the ultimate source of that knowledge so we will study what the Bible says about the Holy Spirit. Wednesdays at 6:30-8 pm with Kent Mundhenk in room V-8.

Everyday Joy

Take a closer look at the book of Philippians with Pastor Mike Corb & Craig Raupe each Wednesday from 6:30-8 pm in room V-11.

First Place 4 Health 

This study is an exciting & proven Bible-based weight-management program that began over 27 years ago.  Participants will experience a deeper walk with Christ, fellowship with others, accountability for actions & learn balance in every area of life. Book cost is $20.00.


The demands of modern life can be all-consuming, making it hard to mute the distractions around you & receive God’s peace.  Joyce calls the problem Overload.  With this study, she will help you identify the catalysts of worry in your life as well as offer you the practical, effective advice & scripture wisdom you need to manage stress. Book cost is $8.00.

Join us at 6:00 pm on Wednesdays in the Bedwell Chapel for a time devoted to prayer. We will pray for the churchwide prayer list and specific needs brought before the group.