The Christian history in America began in 1607 with the landing of the colonists on American shores.


In 1860, the journey of First Baptist Church began when a group of settlers worshiped near the location where Lambert’s Branch flows into the Brazos River.

May 28, 1860

The first group of believers worshiped near where Lambert’s Branch flows into the river. On May 28, 1860, a church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Missionary Baptist faith and order was organized as the Bethlehem Church with six members and an addition of three members by letter the next day.


In 1866, J. N. Chandler moved from Georgia and settled on a farm half way between the Brazos River and the present location of Granbury.  One Sunday as he walked up Lambert Branch, he noticed a small house with people inside. He entered and took a seat in the back. A Baptist Church meeting was in process. Those present were Jesse F. Nutt, Jake Nutt, their mother, Jesse’s wife and two others. The discussion concerned dissolving the Church.  After the motion by Jake Nutt had been made and seconded, the six foot four inch man stood and explained he was a stranger in the community and wanted to know why they wanted to dissolve the Church.

Mother Nutt asked Chandler, “Are you a preacher?”  He replied, “Yes, sort of a cornfield preacher.” Then, Mother Nutt asked, “Can you preach for us?” Chandler replied, â”I will do my best.”Mother Nutt told her son to take back his motion. J. N. Chandler preached from 1866 to 1882, a period of sixteen years.


Sometime after 1883, the church was built on a tract of land beginning at the NE corner of Block 10, in the said town of Granbury; thence East with south line of East Pearl Street, 111 feet to J. D. Rylee’ NW corner; thence south 166 2/3 feet to J. D. Ryleeâ’s N line; thence W 111 feet to a corner on west line of Block No. 10; thence N 166 2/3 feet to place of beginning. J. F. Nutt, J. Nutt and D. Nutt sold the property to I. M. Steele, C. W. Miller and Thomas Lockett, deacons of the Missionary Baptist Church of Granbury, Texas dated August 24, 1898, and filed April 18, 1901.

April 1884

April 1884, on the fourth Sunday, a new church building was dedicated. It was located on the hill on E. Pearl, which would be on the second bluff on the bank of the Brazos.  R. H. Whitehead preached the sermon. It was built with planks which were probably hauled by ox cart from either Shreveport or Houston.


In 1890, the Granbury Auxiliary of the Foreign Missionary Society organized and later combined with the Home Missionary Society.  The Woman’s Missionary Society helped raise funds for the church sanctuary, parsonage and served the community through a hospital pledge.

January 22nd, 1905

Eight lots on N Houston were purchased January 22, 1905 for a total of $300; and the building was to be 36 X 50 feet of the latest design to cost $2,000. The design of the church had a bell tower with a church bell to call all people to worship.

July 24th 1905

The new building on N. Houston was occupied.


In 1950 First Baptist branched out to the nearby community, Thorp Springs, planting Thorp Springs Baptist Church.


First Baptist Granbury moved into a newly constructed brick building on the N Houston Property.


In 1962 a group of members successfully started the Fairview Baptist Church plant.


In 1985 First Baptist members started the mission church, El Buen Pastor.

March 15th 1992

The present facility was dedicated “To the Glory of God” on March 15, 1992. The church has always participated and supported missions worldwide, national, state, associational and local.


In 2007 First Baptist members planted the Triple Cross Cowboy Church.