We were never intended to live life alone. We were created for relationships. At First, we believe that people grow best when they are connected in a healthy group environment. That is why we continuously strive to move people from our large church group environments into small groups. We believe in the power of small groups to impact your life, the lives of those around you, and even our community as a whole. We believe you can only go so far on your own. God designed us to be connected to each other so that we can continue to grow in every facet of our lives.


Men of all ages meet Tuesday’s at 6:30pm for this at home Small Group. Call Jeff at 817-437-9967.


Women of all ages meet on campus in room V-11 at 9:30am on Wednesday’s. Linda Leuty leads this Beth Moore study.


Pastor Mike & Heather Corb lead this adult Small Group on campus in room V-9 at 6:30pm on Wednesday’s. Take a refreshing look at scripture.


Women of all ages meet on Wednesday’s at 6:30pm on campus in room V-11. Pam Adams & Sue Gibson lead this powerful Priscilla Shirer study.


Craig Raupe leads this adult Small Group on campus in room V-4 at 6:30pm on Wednesday’s. Expect to be challenged to think outside the box.


Young Adults meet to study God’s word on campus in room V-10 at 6:30pm on Thursday’s. Led by Tom & Lisa Peregrino.


Ladies Online Bible Study hosted by Emily Anderson. Life strategies and prayer tips. Check out Thirty-One on Facebook.

Paul Uncensored


Kent Mundhenk invites adults to join him for a study on the outspoken apostle Paul. On campus, in room V-8 at 6:00 pm on Wednesday’s.

We have groups that meet throughout the Hood County area. Including groups that meet on campus.

Day of the Week
We have groups that meet during the week on various days and times.

Our groups are as diverse as our congregation. We also have groups that discuss topics for young adults,, singles, married, and varied other topics.

We have a number of groups that provide child-care or have groups that are kid-friendly.